Master Bedroom and Bathroom Update

Now, at the end of the hall is the master bedroom.  I love the layout of this house because we are at the very end and it is more private when we have guests (which is a lot when you live in Florida).

This must have been fabulous back in the day. Oh, what I could do with that headboard now!

I wanted a king size bed in this room so back to the drawing board I went.  I knew that I wanted something tropical yet spa like and it had to match my thrift store vanity and chair. So I came up with this simple plan and the Capt. did an excellent job making it happen.  We were at a flea market and found a roll of this weaved grassy looking material that I knew would be perfect for the head and foot boards.

Because the bed was so big, I had to reorganize my closet because I didn’t want any dressers in the room.

These thrift store cabinets were just the right size to help organize my closet and they were half price so I got them both for $75.00.

On to the master bathroom. This was the last room to be done over and it was a major project.

 We had to remove wallpaper and tile both on the floor and in the shower.


 It is a small space but I wanted to somehow fit 2 sinks in there for both convenience and to fool the eye into thinking it is bigger that it really is. I absolutely love the glass mosaic tiles but because they are so expensive, I opted to use them on the small vanity area and just make a border in the shower and then just use inexpensive white tiles for the rest.

I thought about putting in the seamless glass shower doors but it just felt soooo much bigger with nothing there so I opted for just a clear shower curtain. I think this is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house.

Wednesday I will take you into our living room.

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