Updated Guest Rooms

This is the room that the adults stay in when they visit.

I don’t think this before picture needs any explanation!

It now has a serene sorta beachy feel where the guests can just relax.

The bedspread was crocheted by my Great Aunt so I don’t let kids or dogs on this bed.

This room is where the grandkids sleep.

This is the first room that we redid because it took a while to remove all of that flowered wallpaper!

I designed these beds years ago and the Capt. built them.  What I love most about them is that they have lots of storage under the mattresses. Also, although I keep them pushed together in the corner like what we used to call “Bahama Beds”, they can either be separated into 2 twin beds or be pushed together to make a king bed if need be.

A  little trick I did with the bedspread really tickles me.

I bought a king size chenille spread and cut it in half.  Then I sewed Velcro strips to the cut edge and now when I make the bed into a king, I have a bedspread that fits it as well.

This is the guest bathroom.

Yeap, more wallpaper to remove!

I just love how this turned out and I still get giddy when I look at my sink.  I had a picture from a magazine that I was copying inspired by, but when I priced the sink I almost scrapped the whole thing.  Then one morning while I was on Target’s website, I saw a white desk on sale for $99.00 with free shipping.   I knew the Capt. could put a little sink in it and it looks just like those high-end ones.

OK, so this wasn’t in the magazine picture but I just had to have it. It adds just the right touch of whimpsy.

Come back Monday to see the master bedroom and master bath redo.

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  1. Ok…I didn’t know the corner beds were called bahama beds. That is a new one on me!
    I liked them turned that way and right away, it reminded me of my teen years!
    Cool trick on the bedspread.
    I like the bathroom– and what a great idea to turn the $99 desk into a sink and counter.

    I love all the makeovers of your rooms.


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