Welcome To My Home

I thought that the best way for you to really get to know me is to invite you into my home.  We have been here for six years and have redone every room in the house.  The master bath and the kitchen were major projects from ceiling to floor.  We also added a pool, but we did not do that ourselves, we hired a company to do the work.  Whew, I am so glad we weren’t stupid foolish enough to attempt that!

Welcome to my humble abode!  Come on in and let me take you on a tour.  This was the Den, but now Marley has taken it over so we call it Marley’s room. 

This is what the room looked like when we first moved in.  You will notice a theme as we go, the previous owners loved the harvest gold and avacodo green.

This room doubles as a bedroom for our oldest granddaughter when she comes to visit.  Check out the bench that I designed and the Capt. built.  It is actually a hide a bed.  I will show you later what we did.

  Check out Marley’s window seat. This is perfect for him because he is so nosey a great watch dog and he can see everything that is going on in our front yard.

I know these aren’t the greatest pictures. The before pictures were taken when we put an offer in on the house and the after pictures were taken on my iPhone. Plus, there is a lot of sun light coming in the large window so I tried to edit it but the quality could be better. Hopefully my picture taking skills will improve as my blogging does.

We will continue on Friday with a tour of the 2 guest bedrooms and guest bathroom.

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