5K Promise Run

Last weekend I had an opportunity to participate in my first real 5K run and it was so much fun and it was for such a good cause. 


When my gym found out that there was going to be a 5K Promise Run to raise money to expand the Cancer Center in Lakeland, they decided to put a team together to enter this event. 
The team set a goal to raise $2000.00 and I set a personal goal to raise $200.00. 
Thanks to all of the generous people that donated, I exceeded my goal and raised $325.00. 
Our team leader, Linda, said that if the team reaches their goal, she would dye her hair lavender.  Our team raised $2055.00. 
Out of 75 teams that signed up, team Muscle Central placed 9th for raising the most money. Woot Woot.

We called ourselves Muscle Central Cancer Crushers and I made iron on decals for the back of our shirts.

We decided to all dress in lavender, since it is the universal color for cancer, and we were going to wear lavender wigs ( except for Linda who dyed her hair lavender).
Well, when we all showed up at the park, everyone decided it was too hot to wear a wig, and Linda wore a ball cap over her hair.  I guess I didn’t get that memo!
At least it was easy to pick me out of a crowd!

I did very well, I only had to stop and walk for a few minutes twice during the entire run. 
I was so happy to finally cross that finish line. 
I managed to keep my wig on for the whole run, but just barely. HeHe!

We were all so blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in this event. Here we are with our medals after the run. 
I want to thank the Capt.  for going along to take pictures and for always supporting me.

Also, I would like to thank the owners of Muscle Central for always being willing to support a good cause!

And if the day wasn’t good enough, later that evening I decided to go to the Promise Run website to see how well our team did overall. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!
There were over 1200 participants in the 5K and our little team had 4 members place in the top 10 for their age group and then 2 more placed 12th. 
I am proud to say that I was one of the ones to place in the top 10!
I am so proud to be part of a team that performed so well, both in the fundraiser part and in the actual run itself!

Super Bowl Party

The Capt. had invited a few friends over to watch the Super Bowl with us since we are all New England Patriot fans. He was in charge of the “football food” and I was in charge of decorations.

I immediately hit the Dollar Tree for all of my supplies. I also picked up a few things to give as prizes for the football pool.

I thought for the winner of the pool it would be fun to give them their very own Lombardi trophy, like this one.


I already had an empty Starbucks bottle and silver paint so all I needed was a little football from the dollar store.


I sliced a wedge out of the middle of the football and hot glued it to the jar. I also took a Sharpie and drew 49 in Roman numerals and then went over it with hot glue.



After a few coats of silver paint my Lombardi Trophy was finished.



The Capt. was so impressed with it that he didn’t want me to give it away, he thought it should be the centerpiece on the snack table.
I agreed with him, so we displayed it proudly!


Here are the other inexpensive decorations that I did:

The living room is where we all gathered to watch the game so I displayed both team colors in there.
I just used fish line and tissue paper to hang over head and look like flags.



(As you can see, The Capt. and Gracie are getting a nap in before the big game!)

I cut some pendants out of construction paper using my Silhouette to make a banner.


The kitchen table was where all of the snacks where placed for during the game and half time munching. It was decorated in a football theme including yellow penalty flags and red challenge flags ( they were actually filled with M&M’S). And there is the Lombardi trophy!


Since The Capt. planned ribs and buffalo wings for his ” football food”, I decided it should be eaten out on the lanai before the game. This is where we made it known that we were rooting for the Patriots.


This turned out to be a fabulous evening, fun decorations, fantastic food and a winning team!

Oh and since I kept the Lombardi trophy for myself, the winning prize was a Super Bowl ring ( aka. ring pop).

Another Silhouette Project

As I have said in past posts, we really enjoy our boating trips to Homossasa.
But, as much as I enjoy it, I got tired of hearing The Capt. complain because he didn’t have a bigger engine. He only has a Mercury 90 but he wants a 115.

Personally, I feel that the engine we have is perfect for our light aluminum boat, but, apparently it is a ” guy thing“!

Every time we are in the boat, he points out all of the 115 hp engines. I must admit, there are a lot of them. The only reason he wants a bigger engine is because everyone else has one.

I could not justify spending the money for a new engine when we had a perfectly good one, so I came up with another way to solve the problem!

Upon further investigation of our engine, I realized that the numbers on it were just stickers.


I looked up some pictures of the Mercury 115 engines.


Then picked a font that matched and made some stickers with Oracal permanent vinyl and my Silhouette cameo. I removed the 90 stickers and replaced it with the 115 stickers that I made and Presto! New engine!




That was a cheap fix, for a while anyway!

A Day In Orlando

Our 3 grandkids from New England who flew down to stay with us for a week.

There is such a difference in age between the two older kids and the younger one, that it is sometimes hard to find things to do that they will all enjoy. We decided to spend the day in Orlando.

We started out at Downtown Disney.


After doing some shopping, we stopped for a cold drink and a snack.




The little one is a lego fanatic so we had to go to the big Lego store.


This was our official photographer for the day!


Then we headed over to The Medieval Times Theatre.
This is where we got the knight outfits, while we waited to enter the theatre.


We watched the Knights battle while we ate a good meal. They even had a gluten free option for us!



Even though our knight did not fare well in the battles, we still had a great time!


We all had so much fun!

Homosassa River

The Capt. and I have been going to Homosassa River for several years now just to get away. It is a very quiet, peaceful part of Florida that has not been commercialized yet. It is like you have gone back in time, to the old time Florida.

When our daughter and her family came for a visit this summer, I knew that we had to take them to our little retreat spot because this family’s loves nature, swimming and fishing.

We always stay at the Homossasa River Resort because it is right on the River and we can dock our boat right there.


From the river, you can get to the Gulf of Mexico were we did some scalloping.




And since we worked up an appetite, on our way back in, we stopped for a bite to eat at our favorite restaurant on the water.



Once our bellies were full, we headed to the springs to run some fresh water through the engine and swim to get all of the salt off of us.




We like to hook our tubes together and hang out.



The guys did some fishing, but Jake was the only one that actually caught anything.
His father cooked up the few scallops that we got and one of the fish. The other one, he took to the resort restaurant and the chef cooked it up along with some hush puppies. Boy what a treat!
This is all that is left of Jake’s fish.


In the mornings, we were so blessed to just sit in the boat, drink our coffee and enjoy nature.


This is our very favorite place to be and we are so glad that we got to share it with the kids

Fourth of July

As promised, I will be showing you highlights of all of our guest visits this summer that occupied all of my time.
We did so many things and had so much fun that the challenge for me in this series of posts is to just pick one thing to feature from each visit.

I will start off with our son and 2 little granddaughters because they were the first ones to come this summer.
Since they were here for the Fourth of July, I got busy making some fun shirts for the girls to wear.

The initials and the white stars actually glowed in the dark. I had enough vinyl leftover to make myself a shirt too.




The girls also made some special flip flops to match their shirts.




Our mall was having a big 4th of July celebration so we got all dressed up and joined the fun!


They had a free face painting station:




And we can’t go to the mall without getting in a little shopping. After all, we are girls, we were born to shop!


Before we left the mall, each of the girls got a balloon princess:


Legoland puts on a nice fireworks display over the lake.
Since The Capt. was eager to use his newly remodeled boat, we decided to watch the fireworks from the water this year.



I bought the girls a bunch of glow stuff from the dollar store to keep them busy until the fireworks started.



Wow, what a fantastic view we had, we were right under the fireworks and it was amazing ( and Legoland spared no expense!).


We really enjoyed our time with the girls!

Remodeled Old Boat

We ended up with my father-in-law’s old 1984 Blue Fin aluminum boat, and it ended up being quite the challenge!
As soon as we got it, we cleaned up the inside, added new carpet, seat covers, repainted the outside, added a new Bimini top and put a bigger engine on it.



We have really enjoyed this boat, in both the lakes and the ocean.
Last year we noticed that the floor in the back of the boat was getting very soft and we were afraid that it was becoming a safety hazard so we resigned ourselves to the fact that we have to replace the whole floor.
Little did I know that since we had to replace the floor, The Capt. wanted to do some remodeling of the whole inside to make it more modern.

Here are the before pictures:




Here it is stripped down:



I ordered the new seats on EBay and we got the little fiberglass console online.




We didn’t want to go through this again, so we bought this special flooring that will never rot!



It is starting to come together.



The Capt. worked on this boat evenings and almost every weekend for months and he finally finished, just in time for all of our summer company.



He did an awesome job, but now he wants an even bigger engine!

Another Great Halloween

I thought that I was out of the business of making halloween costumes until my 2 grandsons came for a visit.

The 2 year old is really into dinosaurs so that is what he wanted to be for Halloween.
After doing a search online for DIY dinosaur costumes, I was pretty sure I knew exactly how I was going to make his costume.

Since we decided that both of the boys were going to be dinosaurs, I was having trouble deciding how to make the baby’s because he would be in the stroller and wouldn’t be able to sit on a big tail very comfortably.

When I told The Capt. about my dilemma, he suggested that I make his costume be a baby dinosaur hatching from an egg. Brilliant! (I wish I could take credit for that.)

Our little mall had a Boo Bash with trick or treating and a costume contest.

Here is the 2 year old discovering that people were giving him candy!




The baby couldn’t get any cuter in his costume.



And the winner is…

The dinosaurs!


Here we are collecting our prize, $100.00 gift card.


Another successful year!


Today Is Election Day


Vote for Jesus, He keeps His promises!

Knight Helmets

I plan to show you all of what occupied my time this summer, but in the spirit of Halloween, I feel I must jump ahead a bit to show you these Knight helmets that I made for my grandsons.

The Capt. and I took some of our grandkids to Medieval Times during their visit this summer.


They have a nice selection of souvenirs, so we just couldn’t resist getting the boys the ” Knight” collection.


You have to understand my grandsons though! As much as they loved all of their stuff, the outfit just wasn’t complete without a helmet. I think they get that from me because I was thinking the exact same thing!

So, I googled DIY knight helmets and I found this awesome tutorial here!

You can see the different stages of the helmets that I made:





Connor remembered that some of the Knights had plumes on their helmets so I had to put one on his!


Now their outfits are complete!




Their parents just loved seeing those when they opened up their suitcases (he he)!