It was quite a challenge learning the ins and outs of the Silhouette software.
Lucky for me there are lots of sweet ladies and tutorials out there to help me figure things out as I go.

We are heading to New England for the birth of our 9th grandchild and I always like to bring a gift with me
for each of the grandkids.

I decided that it would be cute to make a cape for each of the 2 younger boys. Along with the capes, I couldn’t resist
making them a matching T-shirt and mask.

So, without further adieu, here are my 1st Silhouette Cameo Projects!











So, do you think the boys will like them?


I found out about a week ago that the Capt.’s sister was going to be in town and he had invited her over for a cookout, along with his brother and sister-in-law. 

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have been a big deal, but, we are in the middle of restoring an old boat and the garage is loaded with parts that are spilling over to my craft room. Also, I am in the process of changing out colors in my living room and I have sewing projects spread out everywhere. 

I was so busy trying to get everything picked up and plan the menu that I had very little time to think about any kind of decorations.

When I realized that St. Patricks Day is coming up, and The Capt.’s mother’s maiden name was Kelly, it was a no brainer!  I quickly searched Pinterest for a few ideas, I didn’t want to go over board, but I did want it to be a little festive. 

I found this cute printout here

so I made my own version of it and it turned out great. 



I fell in love with this centerpiece here

Because it was now the “ day of ” , I had to make it really simple. 

I picked up a green vinyl table cloth at the Family Dollar store along with some fake flowers. Then I went to Walmart and bought a green plastic flower pot.

I cut a hole into the bottom of the planter with a utility knife, painted a black stripe with craft paint, stuck some double sided tape in the shape of a buckle on it and covered it with gold glitter, and then put the flowers in the hole that I cut.  It was so simple but yet festive enough that I am going to keep it on the table for another week.
I added some bright green napkins and rainbow stripe paper plates to add the finishing touches. 

I just made my special hamburgers, great hot dogs with the casings that crunch when you bite into them, an apple salad and a key lime pie for dessert. 

No one even noticed my subtle Irish theme, 
the food must have been that good!


Last night was the last day with our personal trainers and the weigh in to see who was the winner of our fitness challenge.
Before the “big reveal”, let me just recap what this challenge was all about.
The Capt. and I had discussed with our trainers what our personal goals were and they worked us hard to try and get closer to that goal.  We signed up for 12 sessions with them, 3 nights a week.  We knew it would take longer than that to reach our goals but this gave us the boost that we needed.
We started this challenge on Jan 27th and here were our starting stats:
The Capt.    weight  217.4  lbs.      body mass 29.1%
Me               weight 131.4  lbs.       body mass 34.9%
We knew that it wouldn’t be fair to just go by who lost the most weight because it is a known fact that men lose weight easier than women so we decided to go by who lost the most body mass.
Because we had to take a week off due to my dizziness, last night was our long awaited finale.
Here we are weighing in:



The new stats:
The Capt.  weight 205.2  lbs.     body mass  27.43%
Me             weight 124   lbs.      body mass  30.83%
Drum roll please…..
ME!  With a total loss of 4.07% body mass
If you look closely at my head, you can see the tiara that Linda crowned me with.  This is one of many that she has won in competitions over the years.
And just out of curiosity, I downloaded the weight percentage calculator that is used on The Biggest Loser to see how we did weight wise.
And the winner was still ME! (but just barely)
I have to say that the guys took it well and to be honest, we are both winners because we both accomplished so much and feel so much better.
The Capt. being a good sport, sporting the tiara. 


Last week was so full of challenges for me that I didn’t even get to write about it. 
My week started off with me being so dizzy that I couldn’t even get off of the couch until about Wednesday. 
I suffer from vertigo, but I don’t think that that was my only problem. I am convinced that my sinuses were reeking havoc with me due to all of the pollen in the air. 
Years ago, when I couldn’t get rid of the dizziness, an Ear, Nose and Throat Speacialist had me lay back with my head lower than my shoulders and turned my head to one side and then the other and when I sat back up, my dizziness was gone. He said that calcium deposits sometimes get lodged in the ear canal and that is what causes the vertigo. 
When I did a google search for ” how to get rid of dizziness” , I came across a lot of YouTube videos showing how to do that maneuver, it is called the Epley maneuver.
The Capt. and I watched the video several times and then he helped me to do it on each side. I was not cured, but it was greatly improved and I was able to walk around and get stuff done without feeling off balanced and dizzy. 
My valentine gift arrived in the mail and that was my other challenge and is still challenging me!  
I got a Silhouette Cameo and the software is very different from anything that I have used before. 
Since I was confined to the couch for most of the week, I took advantage of the situation and started searching for tutorials for using the silhouette. 
There were no detailed instructions included with the machine but I found an instruction manual online that explains things and also gives examples. 
Now, this brings me to a new challenge, where to get the vinyl?
As for the fitness challenge between the Capt. and I, we had to postpone that for a week because as he put it “ I am a dizzy blonde“! I was very disappointed because yesterday was supposed to be the final weigh in and I was picturing Linda and I doing the victory dance. 
Linda was very supportive though, and texted me some motivation. 






Monday, March 3 is the new ” final weigh in” date and I will keep you posted on the outcome. 
Also, my first silhouette project will be making the shirts for the losing team. 



I dedicated my blog, this year, to writing about the challenges that I will face because, as we all know, life is full of challenges!

In honor of Valentines Day, I want to talk about LOVE!


I am challenged everyday, to remember to love.

Love that person who cut me off in traffic.

Love that person who hurt my feelings.

Love that person who I don’t even like as a person.

Here are some Bible verses that I use to help me remember to love one another:

1 John 4:7-8 : Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

John 13:34-35 : A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

1 Peter 4:8 : Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

Hebrews 13:1 : Let brotherly love continue.

1 Corinthians 16:14 : Let all that you do be done in love.

John 3:16 : For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Happy Valentines Day!


Well, we are on our second week with our personal trainers and our fitness challenge. 

It has been a lot of work but we have a great gym and awesome trainers, so we are having fun in the process. 









But, we are both cheaters!

For me, the Capt. and his trainer call me a cheater for 2 reasons. 

First of all, I have been doing extra cardio during the day while he is at work. I have either gone into the gym to do a 20 minute interval on the treadmill or I do my 20 minutes of walking/running with Marley around our neighborhood. (Marley can use to lose a few pounds too). 
And secondly, I have been wearing a fitness belt when I work out. It goes around my waist and helps to draw the water from my belly. 

The Capt. doesn’t like this because he fears that his trainer is going to add more work on him to make up the difference. (LOL)

I don’t feel that this is cheating because the Capt.  loses weight so fast, that I am just evening up the playing field. 

For the Capt.,  he has cheated on some meals.  
Surprisingly enough, he is doing much better sticking to his meal plan than I thought (but, it is still early in the challenge) and he has only cheated a few times in the past 2 weeks. 
As much as I want him to take this seriously, I secretly love it when I find out that he had a moment of weakness and pray for more to come!

So, we are 1 1/2 weeks into this challenge and that stats are in:
The Capt. has lost about 4 pounds and 4.4% BMI (body mass index)
I have lost a little over 2 pounds and 4% BMI
We are neck n neck… the race is on!


Towards the end of last year, the Capt. and I joined a new gym that opened near us. The new owners, a married couple, were also personal trainers so we signed up for 12 sessions with the husband. It was lots of work but we had so much fun and got to know the regulars, that is has become a social time as well as a time to exercise.

Those 12 sessions got us familiar with the equipment and also the kinds of work out we should be doing. At the end of the sessions, we were feeling more confident in the way we looked and felt so we made arrangements to have 12 more sessions after the holidays.


fitness challenge

Now that the holidays are over and we have gotten to know the owners well, we decided it would be beneficial for both of us if I trained with the wife and the Capt. trained with the husband. And just to make it interesting, we have a “fitness challenge” to see which team does the best. We already did our weigh in to log our weight and body fat percentages. Since we will be training with them 3 nights a week, we should have our final weigh in and announce the winner around Feb 21st.

The challenge is for both of us to train with our personal trainer. This trainer will not only decide the proper exercises for us to do, but they will also make a meal plan for us to follow.
At the end of the training session, the one that has lost the most weight, percentage wise, will be the winner.

Our trainers love this idea and they both think that they “got this!”.

The guys think that they are going to win because the Capt. has more weight to lose than me and so it will be easier to drop and also, men lose weight easier than women.

Us girls think that we are going to win because all the Capt. talks about is food. I always joke and say that he will eat anything, he even ate his willpower!

So, after the final weigh in and the winner is crowned, the losing team has to wear an embarrassing T shirt (of the winning teams choosing) for a week at the gym.

I will be giving weekly updates on our progress.


2014 is going to be a challenging year, I can just feel it!

First of all, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do as far as my blog was concerned.
Last year I had decided that I wasn’t going to blog as often, and after the newest iOS upgrade in October, I didn’t blog at all. You see, I do all of my blogging on my iPad and the WordPress app has completely changed due to the upgrade and I got so frustrated with it that I just gave up. At that point I had made up my mind that I was done with my blog for good.

Even though I haven’t posted anything since October, I still get people liking my Facebook page. This has been a huge encouragement for me and I have started to rethink that decision.

So, after praying about it, I have decided not only to keep my blog, but what direction that I want to take it in.

Life is full of challenges and so I am going to start off the year talking about the challenges I am faced with.


My biggest challenge right now is to use my MacBook Air. The Capt. bought it for me last Christmas thinking that I would use it for everything and we could get rid of the old, slow PC.

I must admit, I was more intimidated to use it than I thought I would be! I took a class at the Apple store and that gave me the boost that I needed.

After getting OfficeMac and Print Master Gold for Mac, I have been doing more with the laptop. I no longer do our budget on the PC, I now budget and pay bills with the Mac. I also make my cards and other crafts on the Mac.

Even though I am writing this post on the iPad, I plan to learn and post from WordPress on my laptop from now on.

What are some of the challenges facing you this year!

Glorify God In All Things

I was faced with a situation yesterday that could have gone two ways.

I could have lost my cool, acted like a raving lunatic and said some not so nice things, which would not have changed a thing or I could accept that I couldn’t change the situation and handle it in a way that would glorify God.

Let me explain what happened:

Three weeks ago, The Capt. and I went to Rhode Island for a long weekend and we left our car at a parking place near the airport that advertised 24 hour surveillance and a safe place to park.

Upon our return, we noticed that the trim had been pulled away from the passenger side door and the leather on the airbag compartment had been slashed in 2 places.



We had the manager come out to assess the damage. He gave us an incident report to fill out while he took pictures. He said that he would send the report to the corporate office and they would be contacting us in a few days. He also gave us the telephone number to the corporate office.

After about a week, with no word from the corporate office, I took my car to a body shop for an estimate. Luckily , the trim just needed to be popped back on, but, the airbag compartment was going to be approximately $2000.00 to repair.

I came home and called the corporate office number that we were given and talked to the owner’s secretary. I told her about the estimate and she said to scan and email it to her and she would make sure that the owners saw it, along with the initial report and pictures.

I promptly emailed the estimate and then waited another week. When I didn’t get any kind of response, I sent another email, inquiring as to when this situation could be resolved.

The secretary emailed me back, assuring me that one of the owners would be in that afternoon. She said along with the report we submitted and the pictures, that he would have to talk with the person that parked our car and check the surveillance cameras. She assured me that she would notify me as soon as she had an answer for me.

Another week has passed and now we are into the third week with no word from the owners. So yesterday morning I send another email to the secretary. This time I stated that my husband was getting impatient and the feeling that we were being ignored. I also emphasized how quickly I wanted this matter resolved.

I got an answer back quickly this time, but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear!

She emailed that the owners looked at everything and concluded that it was not vandalism but sun damage and they will not be helping with any repairs!

My blood was boiling! Did the sun pull the trim away from the window? Why wasn’t the top of the dashboard that gets the direct heat damaged? This car is housed in a garage, could the sun do that damage in just 3 days? And did the sun leave what appears to be a greasy palm print?


While I was still hot, I called The Capt. and he wasn’t surprised by their answer. He told me it wasn’t worth the time and energy to fight with them. He said to make the decision to live with it or pay the deductible to have our insurance fix it.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with that solution. I was thinking of ways to get satisfaction. Maybe leave bad reviews or better yet, have my sister and brother in law picket the place. The very least I could do would be to send a scathing email giving them a piece of my mind!

Well, I sat on my couch and asked God to help calm me in this situation. I asked for guidance in how to handle this in a way that would glorify Him.

A peace came over me and I decided that I would send one last email to that secretary. I thanked her for her quick response, even though it wasn’t the answer that I was looking for and I also told her, very politely, that we would no longer be using their facility to park when we travel but that I would however, keep the owners in my prayers.

You see, the moral of this story is:
I have an automatic signature and link to my blog page attached to every email I send. So, anyone that gets an email from me can click the link to my blog, where I openly profess to being a child of God. How would that have looked if I had sent a blazing email just to make myself feel better?

And yes folks, they do click the link!
I just got a response back from that secretary. She said that she was so sorry that I didn’t get the answer that I was looking for but on a good note, she just checked out my blog and she loves it!

Glory be to God!

Pallet Sign

I have been seeing all of the fantastic things that people do with wood pallets for a while now. I don’t have enough room to use a whole pallet, but I thought that a pallet sign would be nice.

As luck would have it, while Marley and I were on our morning walk, I came across a few pieces of wood, from a pallet, in a trash pile.

It was not far from my house, so I picked the best one and carried it home.

I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

I fully intended to sand the wood down and paint it before I added the wording. But, after sanding it, I loved the textured look of the wood so much that I decided to just add the lettering and then poly the whole thing.

Take a look!





This signs fits perfectly!


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